Senior Development Chemist.

Job Opening:   Senior Development Chemist
Remuneration:   2,700 Euro/Monthly

Job Description:
Lead product development to create new or improved foundations & mascaras with supervision from conception to commercialisation. Applies novel formulation technologies to create new and innovative products. Identifies obtains and investigates new raw materials and production technologies as necessary, along with appropriate safety/technical documentation, specifications, samples, etc.

1. Carry out safely all laboratory activities and that due regard to safety issues is paid when developing processes for the introduction on plant
2. Carry out process development activities on projects as allocated by the Development Manager
3. Act as project manager on designated projects
4. Ensure and maintain in a safe and tidy fashion the laboratory working area
5. Provide technical support when processes are introduced to the plant
6. Be responsible for the day to day supervision of technical staff, planning and coordinating work as required to meet project objectives
7. Contribute to technical assessments on new enquiries as appropriate
8. Act as the contact point for other departments on technical issues on new project introduction
9. Take part in technical meetings with customers and act as a contact with the customer for technical issues on projects
10. Contribute to meeting departmental budget targets

Required Experience/Qualifications:
1. Bachelor in Pharmacy or Masters Degree
2. Chemical production / laboratory background
3. Good understanding of the principles behind process development and scale-up
4. Understanding of the SHEQ challenges for both laboratory and plant operations
5. Minimum 3 years of experience in the same field.

For Apply: Send cv to employment@divinegroup.eu.com