Sr. Training and Operations Specialist.

Job Opening:   Sr. Training and Operations Specialist
Department:   Food Box Manufacturing
Euro 2,700 - 3,000 /Monthly

Job Description: The Sr. Training and Operations Specialist is responsible for designing and conducting training and development programs to improve hourly staff and plant performance to enhance the quality of products and services. Additionally, this position is responsible for developing, testing, and implementing systems designed to obtain superior levels of packaging manufacturing procedures and practices.

1. Evaluate and assess the current level of training, skill-building, and process improvement systems to determine gaps between current and desired outcomes.
2. Prioritise training programs based on the defined needs, objectives, and current practices. Communicate training programs to plants, coordinate expectations, and establish the foundation for future plants.
3. Identifies builds and maintains relationships with vendors and/or subject matter experts to deliver training content.
4. Conducts and/or coordinates regulatory training such as equipment, health, safety and quality training.
5. Collaborates with support staff to ensure smooth training program delivery.
6. Manages the training and investment budget, track and analyse progress, and report progress to plant management. Explore alternative solutions in case of extensive labour or equipment investments.
7. Knows and follows policies and procedures of the company, shares information that would benefit other members of the team, and finds ways to improve the delivery of service to our customers.

Required Experience/Qualifications:
1. Bachelor's Degree in engineering, structural design, logistics, or business. Master's Degree preferred
2. 3+ years’ experience in leadership and strategic business development in the packaging industry
3. Active listening and reasoning skills. The ability to discern communicated information and act successfully
4. Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office required. Experience with WebEx or other training technologies preferred
5. Practical problem-solving skills and the ability to decisively act upon these
6. Negotiating skills to be used internally and externally with suppliers and customers
7. Strong organisational, planning and follow-through skills for short and long term program management
8. Successful coaching, training, evaluating, and implementing skills for application in converting operations.
9. Budget management, investment projection, the investment return and tracking program expenditure skills

For Apply: Send cv to career@divinegroup.eu.com